We're Hiring! Source Protection Program Coordinator - Contract Position

The Source Protection Program Coordinator is responsible for coordination of the Trent Conservation Coalition
(TCC) source protection program, in conjunction with TCC Conservation Authority partners and on behalf of
the TCC Source Protection Committee. Responsibilities include providing support to the source protection
committee, source protection plan updates and maintenance, providing support to plan implementers,
information retention and sharing, and reporting. To view the Job Description CLICK HERE

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New Requirements for Municipal Drinking Water System Owners - August 2018

A new regulation under the Safe Drinking Water Act, took effect July 1, 2018. This regulation applies in source protection areas identified under the Clean Water Act and ensures that municipal residential drinking water sources are protected before drinking water can be provided to the public.

The regulation applies where:

  • a new municipal residential drinking water system is being located within a source protection area, or
  • changes are being made to an existing municipal residential drinking water system located in a source protection area that results in:
    • the establishment of a new groundwater well
    • deepening an existing well
    • increasing the capacity at an existing well
    • the establishment of a new surface water intake
    • moving an existing intake

The full document from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation & Parks is now available for download

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