Transport Pathway Notification

What is a Transport Pathway?

A Transport Pathway is a man-made feature on the landscape that increases the vulnerability of the raw water supply at the source of the municipal drinking water system.
Transport Pathways redirect the natural flow of water to surface water sources, or disturb the surface above an aquifer which increases the rate or quantity of flow to a groundwater source. In either case, a drinking water source may be impacted.

Examples of Transport Pathways

Affecting Surface Water Sources

  • Drainage Infrastructure including: storm sewer lines, discharge pipes, utility trenches, ditches, swales, tile drains, storm water ponds, or any other type of drain.

Affecting Groundwater Sources

  • Wells or boreholes, unused or abandoned wells, pits, quarries, construction activities involving deep excavations, and underground storm, sanitary or water distribution system infrastructure.

Municipal Responsibility

Flowchart of the municipal role in dealing with transport pathways

Section 27 of Ontario Regulation 287/07 requires municipalities to notify the Source Protection Authority Chairperson, Source Protection Committee Chairperson, and the applicant if they become aware of a proposal that will create or modify a Transport Pathway in a Vulnerable Area.

1. Prepare a Notice that includes:
  • A description of the proposal;
  • Contact information of the person responsible for the proposal;
  • A description of the approvals required to support the proposal.
2. Send the Notice in digital or hardcopy form to:

Trent Conservation Coalition
c/o Lower Trent Conservation
714 Murray Street, RR 1 Trenton ON K8V 0N1

AND Chair of the applicable Source Protection Authority (Municipalities may wish to use our online map to determine the applicable Source Protection Authority for the proposal:





Postal Code 

Email Address


Crowe Valley Source Protection Authority 

 70 Hughes Lane, P.O. Box 416

 Marmora, ON

 K0K 2M0 



Ganaraska Source Protection Authority

 2216 County Road 28

 Port Hope, ON

 L1A 3V8 


Kawatha-Haliburton Source Protection Authority

 277 Kenrei (Park) Road

 Lindsay, ON

 K9V 4R1


Lower Trent Source Protection Authority

 714 Murray Street

 Trenton, ON

 K8V 0N1


Otonabee-Peterborough Source Protection Authority

 250 Milroy Drive

 Peterborough, ON

 K9H 7M9 

Crowe Valley Source Protection Authority Notification Form
Ganaraska Source Protection Authority Notification Form
Kawatha-Haliburton Source Protection Authority Notification Form
Lower Trent Source Protection Authority Notification Form
Otonabee-Peterborough Source Protection Authority Notification Form

 3. Send a copy of the Notice to the applicant.