General Information on Source Water

  • Assessing Our Water Sources Download
  • Significant Threats to Drinking Water Download
  • Developing Source Protection Plans Download
  • The Source Protection Toolbox Download
  • What is an Intake Protection Zone? Download
  • What is a Water Quality/Quantity Issue? Download
  • What are Highly Vulnerable Areas? Download
  • What is a Wellhead Protection Area? Download
  • Everyone Lives Downstream Download
  • Water Cycle Animation Developed by Conservation Ontario Download
  • Conservation Ontario Resource Catalogue View
  • Government of Ontario Source Protection website View

Landowner Resources

  • What Landowners Can Do to Protect Water Download
  • What is a Septic System? Download
  • How Do I Care For My Private Well? Download
  • The Importance of Proper Fuel Storage Download
  • Fuel Fact Sheet Download
  • Agricultural Activities Factsheet Download
  • Pesticide Factsheet Download
  • Government of Ontario Source Water Protection Map View
  • Risk Management Measures Catalogue View 
    Tool to assist in the evaluation, selection, preparation, and implemention of a risk management measures plan to address significant water quality and quantity threats under the Clean Water Act, 2006.
  • 2009 Table of Drinking Water Threats Download
  • TCC DWSP RoadSign Drinking Water Protection Zone Road Signs Fact Sheet Download

Municipal Resources

Implementation Guides

  • Background and Introduction Download
  • Module 1: Establishing a Risk Management Office Download
  • Module 2: Understanding Where Policies Apply Download
  • Module 3: Land Use Planning Download
  • Module 4: Annual Reporting and Information Management Download
  • Module 5: Risk Management Plans Download
  • Module 6: Part IV Prohibition Download
  • Module 7: Non-Regulatory Policies Download
  • Module 8: Other Obligations Download