Remembering Walkerton: 20 Years Since the Drinking Water Tragedy

As we face the COVID-19 pandemic and its severe impacts, we realize just how important it is to safeguard our health. One of our primary needs is clean, safe drinking water. And, while we adapt to current pandemic conditions in 2020, we are reminded of another public health tragedy that struck one of our communities twenty years ago, and we reflect on the vast improvements made since then. More from Conservation Ontario:

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PUBLIC NOTICE: Consultation on Proposed Amendments to the Trent Assessment Report and Source Protection Plan

The public is invited to comment on proposed amendments to the Trent Assessment Report and Source Protection Plan.

The approved Trent Assessment Report (2014) identifies and evaluates threats to drinking water quality.

The approved Trent Source Protection Plan (2014) contains policies that address the identified threats.

Recent changes to the Canadiana Shores Municipal Drinking Water System have resulted in adjustments to the areas where certain activities are considered to be drinking water threats. Updates to the Trent Assessment Report and Source Protection Plan have been proposed to reflect these changes.

A summary of the proposed amendments may be viewed HERE (click).  

You are invited to submit written comments on the proposed amendments on or before April 17th, 2019,

to or 714 Murray Street, RR1, Trenton, ON K8V 5P4.

For more information, please contact Keith Taylor, Source Protection Program Coordinator, Trent Conservation Coalition Source Protection Region at (613)394-3915 x 246 or e-mail

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