General Information on Source Water

    • Assessing Our Water Sources Download
    • Significant Threats to Drinking Water Download
    • Developing Source Protection Plans Download
    • The Source Protection Toolbox Download
    • What is an Intake Protection Zone? Download
    • What is a Water Quality/Quantity Issue? Download
    • What are Highly Vulnerable Areas? Download
    • What is a Wellhead Protection Area? Download
    • Everyone Lives Downstream Download
    • Water Cycle Animation Developed by Conservation Ontario Download
    • Drinking Water Source Protection Road Signs View
    • Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks Resource Catalogue View 
      A hub for a wide array of resources that covers a range of general to specific Source Protection Plan policy categories (road signage, agriculture, septic systems, etc.), as well as the Campaign in a Box Toolkit.
    • Government of Ontario Source Protection website View
    • The Walkerton Report View 
      The Walkerton Report is the result of an inquiry led by Justice Dennis O'Connor of the Supreme Court of Ontario. The inquiry investigated the events in Walkerton in 2000, and water safety across the province. Part One of the Walkerton Report describes the events in the community and the actions that led to the water becoming contaminated. The report made recommendations relating to the specifics of the Walkerton tragedy. Part Two looked at water safety across the province and the actions needed to prevent a similar event from occurring elsewhere. 
    • Conservation Ontario submission to the Walkerton inquiry View 

Landowner Resources

  • What Landowners Can Do to Protect Water Download
  • What is a Septic System? Download
  • How Do I Care For My Private Well? Download
  • Best Practices for Non-Municipal Drinking Water Systems View
  • The Importance of Proper Fuel Storage Download
  • Fuel Fact Sheet Download
  • Agricultural Activities Factsheet Download
  • Pesticide Factsheet Download
  • Government of Ontario Source Water Protection Map View
  • Risk Management Measures Catalogue View 
    Tool to assist in the evaluation, selection, preparation, and implemention of a risk management measures plan to address significant water quality and quantity threats under the Clean Water Act, 2006.
  • 2021 Technical Rules (formerly Tables of Circumstances) Download
  • TCC DWSP RoadSign Drinking Water Protection Zone Road Signs Fact Sheet Download
  • Salt Responsibly - Conservation Ontario Road Salt Campaign View

Municipal Resources

  • Drinking Water Source Protection Primer: Municipal Councillors Download
  • Guide for Municipal Councils Download
  • Requirements for Municipal Drinking Water Systems - August 2018 Download
  • New Requirements for Municipal Drinking Water System Owners - August 2018 Download
  • New Administrative Amendments and Prescribed Threats under the Clean Water Act – August 2018 Download

Implementation Guides

  • Background and Introduction Download
  • Module 1: Establishing a Risk Management Office Download
  • Module 2: Understanding Where Policies Apply Download
  • Module 3: Land Use Planning Download
  • Module 4: Annual Reporting and Information Management Download
  • Module 5: Risk Management Plans Download
  • Module 6: Part IV Prohibition Download
  • Module 7: Non-Regulatory Policies Download
  • Module 8: Other Obligations Download